Who can benefit from the Hazmat Response Guide?

Fire Fighters


First Responders/EMT


What is an effective way to set-up and run a hazardous materials incident?

  • Develop a command structure
  • Organize your groups/teams
  • Develop strong team leaders
  • Check list for teams
  • Safety for personnel

Organize your groups/teams from the start of the incident to achieve a systematic and smooth running hazardous materials incident. The main objective is to have a plan that the team is familiar with, practices with and can put into motion on game day.

  • Firefighters (Hazmat Techs or awareness level)
  • Volunteer Firefighters
  • First Responders
  • Command Officers
  • Police/Sheriff/Constable – First Responders
  • DOD (Dept. of Defense)
  • College Students Studying Fire Science
  • Firefighters in industry (Fire Brigades, in-house Fire Brigades, Nuclear Generating Station F.D. etc)

Whether you are a seasoned Hazmat Tech, Firefighter, First Responder, Police Officer or persons working around hazardous materials, this book has a lot of great information that can be referenced quickly to make good sound decisions, actions taken and the ability to stay safe. Buy Guidebook