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The training tool every department that has a Hazmat Team needs.  Don't use live product, choose the meter you want with the products you want and you now have a "Live" meter for training.  It also does Rad!

Hazmat Nation Roundtable

Couple Hazmat guys from around the country, Bobby Salvesen, Mike Manaco, Phil Ambrose, & Bob Coshignano do a live broadcast discussing Hazmat incidents from across the nation & general hazardous materials stuff.  2115 hrs (EST) on YouTube.

Hazmat Guys Podcast

FDNY Hazmat 1 members Bobby Salvesen & Mike Manaco talk hazmat stuff.  Incidents they run on, chemistry (don't get scared), chemicals and much more.  Check them out they are very entertaining & informative.

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Get those nasty fire products off of you after that fire.  We all know the products of combustion can run the gamut and are responsible for the increase of cancer rate in firefighters.

Hazmat Nation

An on-line "newspaper" for the hazmat geeks with stories about incidents, training talk, tech talk and more....get your subscription!