Education & Instruction

Let Hazmat Response provide Instruction & Education

I provide a variety of different services for instruction & education in Hazardous Materials such as classes on using Hazmat Response Guide, continued education for Teams on hazmat topics, symposium & conference speaking, and much more.  You also may be able to use grant funds for the classes!  Contact me for more information! or go to Contact Us page.


What we can do for you:

 We can provide you with course(s) taught by experienced, front-line Hazardous Materials Technicians who will take the students through the guide to explain:  

  • How this will organize your approach
  • Why we do the things we do & how they pertain to the incident
  • Chemical & physical properties & why they are important
  • Application of above principles on real incidents
  • Recognition and identification of motor & rail tankers (characteristics & products).
  • The “common incident” and what to consider
  • Table-top exercise at the end to apply what you have learned

We can also tailor classes to your needs. HMR instruction, continuing education, specific topics, etc.  Contact us for details!

Even if you have established SOP/SOG’s on running a hazardous materials incident, this guide can enhance those procedures already in place.  

  • Observe a different perspective
  • Improve your tactics
  • Give your people a quick reference tool
  • Continued education for your members

Where is Hazmat Response?

Virginia Beach Hazmat Conf.  Sept. 13-15  We will be discussing Backup Teams/Level A Mayday.

No upcoming events.